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Brandon Bergeron CPT

My name is Brandon Bergeron. I started strength training and bodybuilding 15 years ago in my garage. I quickly realized that I would spend the rest of my life improving my health and fitness, enjoying the challenge as well as the result, and motivating others to do the same.

After thousands of hours of experience in working with people, I find that I am more motivated than ever. I have taken everything that comes my way and used it as an opportunity to learn by teaching. Through science, innovation, intuition and hard work, I get to see transformation and success in
those that I work with every day. I specialize in teaching a balanced, consistent work ethic for life. I work with those who can’t walk to those who are leading the race.

Your job is to show up…my job is to take care of the rest. I expect your best. This is what I do!

My Mission: “To consistently challenge myself with goals, hard work, and variety while maintaining the same standard with those who I teach. I train my clients the same way I train myself.

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